Eco-Friendly Lighting


Eco-Friendly Lighting for Museums, Galleries and House Museums


eco-friendlylightbulb_200wOur consulting on eco-friendly (ie, greenĀ) lighting in museums and galleries will now include helping clients to choose LEDs* most appropriate for their needs, as well as other ways to lower energy costs and light damage to collections.

New LED lamps that can take the place of a variety of lamps used for lighting collections have color rendering good enough for museum use. LEDs use only about 15% of the energy used by the lights they replace, and last about thirty times as long. No new fixtures are needed. Lower energy consumption also means less heat, which lowers summertime air conditioning loads. This is a great way to save money over a long period of time, and to reduce your carbon footprint.

 *Light Emitting Diodes – the technical word for modern (eco-friendly) light bulbs