Collections Care Projects

Collections care projects include disaster preparedness, pest management, and the design of storage and exhibition cases.

Preserving collections in perpetuity is a complex job so many things can go wrong.  Ideally, everything is a museum building should contribute to protecting the institution and its holdings: environments should help to discourage insect pests: storage design should promote safe handling and ease of locating individual items; exhibition cases should minimize lighting damage and provide both tight security and ease of access for authorized staff



New York City Board of Education: Consultation with artists creating projects for public schools to assure their permanence.

Private client: Treatment, mounting, lighting, and design of climate-controlled exhibition case for dress worn by Marilyn Monroe at J.F. Kennedy€™s birthday party.

New Canaan Historical Society, CT: Consultation on HVAC systems, lighting, construction and renovation of storage areas. Design of fiber optic lighting for the Rogers studio.

Historic Cherry Hill, Albany, NY: Consultation on design and construction of new storage facility, survey of lighting and recommendations. 

Vassar College Library:  Design of exhibition cases for archival material.