Assessments & Collection Surveys

historic-hseWe carry out assessments for museums and historical societies under grants from several federal and state granting agencies.  We also carry out less formal assessments of collections and museum environments in preparation for other kinds of consulting projects. 

When we carry out assessments, we prioritize our recommendations carefully to avoid overwhelming staff resources. Ordinarily only serious safety issues like frayed wiring, unreliable plumbing, dirty chimneys, and leaky roofs go into the ASAP list. Museums move slowly, and undesirable conditions that have existed for a long time can be handled after a suitable amount of time is allotted for planning. Visiting conservators may not be aware of the wide range of responsibilities shouldered by an often overworked staff and the difficulties of coping with yet more items on their to-do list.



Armenian Church in Etchmiazin, Armenia. Examined collections and exhibition conditions, made recommendations, and worked with engineer on improvements.

Vanderbilt Museum, Suffock County: Collections and environmental assessments, lighting design.