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The firm of Appelbaum & Himmelstein takes a broad view of preservation issues, working to enhance the values of the objects we treat. This means taking into account the ways that owners use their possessions at the same time as we provide for their long-term preservation. For example, we help owners of paintings choose new frames that both protect the paintings and enhance their aesthetics, and we arrange for new mounts to be made for objects that need support. We can also help design new lighting that is both safe for the objects and enhances their appearance.

Our consultation work with private collectors and institutional owners of collections grows out of this same overarching point of view. Methods for care of collections in museums, historical societies, archives, and other institutions have to suit the institution’s mission, building, and resources. Architect’s designs for new construction have to be practical for the user – easy to maintain and work in, environmentally sound, with the lowest appropriate energy use, and with accessible storage and attractive exhibition spaces that are safe for collections. Private owners need ways to display and use their possessions safely as well.

Our work is informed by our personal enthusiasm for all kinds of collections, our respect for the private individuals and institutional employees who work so hard to preserve them, understand them, and interpret them, and our admiration for all of the inspired people throughout human history who made them in the first place.

Although Barbara Appelbaum is primarily an objects conservator and Paul Himmelstein is a paintings conservator, they work together on many projects. They both are active in professional organizations, publish, and do public speaking regularly.

Appelbaum & Himmelstein was a 2005 winner of the New York Landmarks Conservancy Lucy G. Moses Award.

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